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Aircraft Acquisition

Alante Air’s process of leveraging two decades of experience buying and selling dozens of piston, turboprop, and jet aircraft, against its strong analytical, project management, and negotiating skills results in a skillfully completed acquisition.

As you consider your acquisition, look to us for thorough evaluation, candid advice, and unrelenting follow-through in these important phases:

Accurate and thorough needs analysis ensures you find the aircraft truly suited to your travel requirements and ownership goals, without over-prioritizing cosmetics or emotion:

  1. Discovery. In a 30 to 45 minute discovery conversation, we’ll learn about your travel history, and the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the aircraft and services you utilized. We’ll also uncover you motivations for ownership, and any specific characteristics you wish to prioritize. Finally, we’ll discuss any financial, tax, or structural considerations.
  2. Analysis. Based on this conversation, we determine the technical traits necessary to achieve a majority of your trips, and assess the range of available aircraft, both new and pre-owned, for their conformity to the ideal. We then factor in secondary priorities such as ease of ownership, maintenance, and resale, as well as comfort and amenities.
  3. Recommendations. From this analysis, we present a primary and secondary aircraft type for your review and selection. If you came to us with a particular aircraft already in mind, we include it in our analysis alongside the best calculated alternative, to ensure you are familiar with all options.

With the details of your two most compatible aircraft types at your fingertips, you are assured your final selection will be the right one.

  1. Aircraft Selection. Once you have made your selection, we search the market for up to three specific aircraft of that type offering the greatest value, and tracking most closely the goals outlined in the acquisition plan.
  2. Primary Vetting. We then dig deep into the flight, maintenance, and ownership histories of the target aircraft by analyzing log books and maintenance records, speaking to their pilots and technicians, and at your discretion, visiting each. With this information, we build a thorough summary of their present conditions for your review and ranking.
  1. Offer To Purchase. Once you have determined your first choice in aircraft, we facilitate a formal offer to the buyer, comprising terms we believe are competitive in that aircraft’s market.
  2. Purchase Agreement. Upon acceptance of the offer, a Purchase Agreement is drafted, which formalizes the conditions of sale. Typically, the central component of this document is the pre-purchase inspection, followed by directions for delivery, which can hold significant importance to its tax environment.
  3. Pre-Purchase Inspection. We will coordinate with the seller’s representation to position the aircraft to an inspection facility of your choosing, determined by identifying those most familiar with that aircraft type. While this activity adds to your total acquisition cost, it is critical to the acquisition process – and the ongoing operation of your aircraft – that it be accomplished by a trusted third-party resource.
  1. Inspection Findings & Reconciliation. All pre-purchase inspections surface discrepancies which can leave you walking away empty handed. The mark of a fair agreement that will result in a clean transaction is establishing the balanced process by which those discrepancies are addressed. Having representation experienced in this processes is invaluable to your acquisition project, and ensure you begin ownership in the best possible position.
  2. Transaction. On reaching an agreement, our team works quickly to execute the many technical actions necessary to finalize the purchase, such as obtaining a title & lien report, escrow power of attorney, International Operations Declaration, and delivery instructions, among many others. While many steps in this process are prone to error, and thus delay, our detail-oriented team is practiced at identifying hang-ups and smoothing the transaction, ensuring your jet is on your ramp as quickly as possible.
  1. Form the Delivery Environment. As details such as the particular location of delivery can have significant ongoing impact to your operating and tax environment, we will work with you and your tax and legal advisors to determine a delivery plan best meeting your needs, and coordinate with the seller to execute.
  2. Delivery & Acceptance. On the day of delivery, your Alante Air representative will be on-site to ensure the delivery is executed as planned, and that the aircraft is as expected. An aircraft delivery receipt will be completed, all logs and records received and inventoried, and operating registration and insurance documents confirmed.

While the job ends upon delivery for many brokers, Alante Air managers are at work identifying and establishing the many support structures, tracking and reporting systems, service subscriptions, and revenue opportunities necessary or desired to make the most of your ownership. Early on in the acquisition process, we’ll learn your preferences for these components, and activate them when needed to ensure a smooth transition of the aircraft into your hands.

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About To Buy?

Regardless of your stage in the buying process, a 30-minute conversation with our acquisition team will provide an objective evaluation of your options, with zero obligation. Call 605.593.8960 Ext. 102, or send us a note.