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Aircraft Leasing

Leasing provides direct access to a specific jet, under an annualized agreement typically outlining utilization rights at a given monthly rent. This structure best suits those with more consistent aircraft performance requirements, and a more frequent need, as it closely resembles outright ownership. As such, consideration must be given to the typical demands of ownership, such as providing flight crew and storage, as well as coordinating maintenance when necessary.

Alante Air managers have structured and administered turbine aircraft leases for over ten years, and can not only secure the right aircraft for your needs, but coordinate and manage the operations necessary to effectively meet the demands of both your flying, and your lease.

Much like the analysis conducted on an aircraft purchase project, Alante Air managers work to determine the particular aircraft characteristics necessary to meet your needs over the next 12 to 24 months.

  1. Discovery. In a 30 to 45 minute discovery conversation, we’ll learn about your recent travel history, immediate expectations, and any specific characteristics you wish to prioritize. Finally, we’ll discuss financial, tax, and structural considerations specific to the leasing environment, as they vary in certain ways from charter, or ownership.
  2. Analysis. Based on this conversation, we determine the technical traits necessary to achieve a majority of your trips, and assess the range of lease-available aircraft both within our fleet, and the broader market. We then factor in priorities such as reliability, upcoming maintenance, comfort, and amenities to find that jet best conforming to the ideal.
  3. Recommendations. From this analysis, we present a primary and secondary aircraft for your review and approval.
  1. Selection & Vetting. Now with your approval, we dig deep into the flight, maintenance, and ownership histories of the two target aircraft by analyzing log books and maintenance records, speaking to their pilots and technicians, and at your discretion, visiting each. With this information, we build a thorough summary of their present condition for your review and final selection.
  2. Contract Negotiations. With over ten years’ experience coordinating and managing aircraft leases, our management team is skilled at clarifying the process, and arranging a favorable lease environment.
  1. Aircraft Acceptance. Our coordination of the aircraft’s delivery will be supported by an on-site visual inspection to confirm its status and condition is as agreed, and ensure proper and complete documentation of such.
  2. Operations. The coordination of important details such as identifying, vetting, and managing appropriate flight crew, storage, and support services is always included in your lease experience with Alante Air, ensuring you are in the air as quickly as possible. When scheduled or unscheduled maintenance must be conducted, you’re assured we are at the ready to coordinate this for minimal schedule interruption, and offer alternative options to keep you flying.

When time comes to transfer possession of the aircraft back to its owner, we will spin-down the operations established for your own use, coordinate delivery, and ensure proper and complete documentation.

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Considering A Lease?

A short call with one of our Aircraft Managers to discuss your specific travel needs, can help you determine if leasing is a viable solution. Call 605.593.8960 Ext. 102, or send us a note.