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Aircraft Sales

When time comes to sell your aircraft, a thorough understanding of your aircraft and its market must combine with a broad technical skillset to achieve optimal results. Engaging representation experienced in the process and practiced in the details of a turbine aircraft transaction, will free you from this time-intensive activity while ensuring a skillfully conducted sale.

A pragmatic review of the history and condition of your aircraft, compared alongside its peers in the broader market, sets the groundwork for a competitive valuation and effective marketing campaign.

After closely reviewing ownership and maintenance records in coordination with in-house and third-party specialists, we’ll search the market for benchmark aircraft, and compare relative strengths and weaknesses.

With a thorough understanding of your aircraft and its competition, we’ll provide recommendations on any maintenance, equipment, or cosmetic improvements that would improve its marketability, save time and money in pre-buy, and mitigate potential barriers to closing. With this, we’ll determine a valuation that best positions your aircraft for a strong sale.

Our marketing plan will then be put to action, broadcasting your aircraft to potential buyers across print and web alongside our direct communications with a network of fellow brokers. Our range of services also attract broad clientele with ever-changing aviation needs, and ongoing interest in ownership opportunities.

As our relentless follow-through brings offers to purchase, we’ll assess their reliability and present for your consideration. With dozens of successful acquisitions and sales across a range of piston, turboprop, and jet aircraft, our experience will be applied skillfully to negotiate the most suitable agreement.

Engaging competent representation becomes all the more crucial as pre-buy activities commence. Here, a thorough knowledge of unique technical and legal processes combine with valuable experience identifying and mitigating a range of deal-killing situations, to ensure closing occurs expeditiously.

As the many elements are brought together for closing, we’ll efficiently conduct the transaction while continuing to anticipate obstacles to delivery. When time comes to transfer ownership, we’ll coordinate accumulating the necessary documentation, positioning of the aircraft, and be on-site to complete the transfer.


Return to Sales & Acquisitions Overview

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