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We’re a team of industry veterans from private aviation and airline backgrounds, who have come together to provide value-driven solutions to today’s sophisticated aviation clientele.

We focus on building lasting relationships, bringing only the most capable, comfortable, efficient, and modern jets to our fleet. We support these aircraft unrelentingly, providing rare follow-through to ensure a truly satisfying ownership experience, and in turn, exceptional charter, lease, and brokerage products.

To charter clientele, this delivers a selection of premium jets, each with unique strengths to meet broad needs, and supported by skilled crews and operations staff dedicated to providing outstanding service.

Please give us a call at 605.593.8960 to discuss your needs, and how Alante Air can meet them.


Ryan brought broad experience in private aviation maintenance, sales, and operations to his founding of Alante Air. A degree in electrical engineering supported his work as an Aviation Maintenance Technician for a Canadian FBO specializing in Cessna products – a company he then came to own and manage in the late 1990’s.

Moving to Phoenix in the mid-2000’s, Ryan founded a part 91 aircraft management company offering shared ownership and leasing of piston, turboprop and light jet aircraft. A tenacious desire to offer exceptional management and operations support to a broader clientele led to the founding of Alante Air Group, Inc., and it’s subsidiary, Alante Air Charter.

Ryan’s broad experience overseeing dozens of aircraft acquisitions, operation developments, and sales is the foundation of Alante Air’s aircraft management team. And as an ATP rated pilot type rated in the Citation Mustang and CJ-line of jets, brings operator-level experience to every project.

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Regardless of your private aviation needs, we have the resources and experience to provide objective analysis and candid advice, followed-through with comprehensive solutions sure to meet them. Reach out to us at 605.593.8960, or send a note, to begin a no-obligation conversation.