Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to many common questions about private jet charter, and our approach to providing you an exceptional charter experience, can be found here. However, please feel free to call us at 605-593-8960 anytime with questions:

Though similar in that all of these options provide a user experience comparable to whole aircraft ownership, but at lower gross costs, jet charter primarily serves those clients preferring maximum aircraft characteristic and performance flexibility, and/or minimal capital obligation, operational responsibility, or liability. In effect, charter allows you to pick the aircraft type either best suited to your trip, or offering the combination of in-flight conveniences you most desire, and pay for only the expense of that single trip instead of the many costs associated with ownership of that aircraft. Functionally, charter is also different from most ownership operations in that charter aircraft operate under intensified FAA Air Carrier rules similar to those of airlines. These combine specific, and generally more rigorous, management, crew experience and training, aircraft maintenance, and trip support requirements that are established to improve safety and efficiency throughout each journey. This has resulted charter being statistically safer than the “Part 91” operations more typically undertaken in ownership flying. You can learn more about various ownership and leasing options, as well as how Alante management of an owned aircraft translates to safer, more efficient, flying regardless of its operating structure at AIRCRAFT MANAGEMENT. Call us at 605-593-8960, or SEND US A NOTE if you have any other questions, as we’re happy to help!
In short, everything necessary to ensure your experience is on par with that of the aircraft’s owner in every respect. When planning your trip, your Charter Specialist:
  • Learns your trip needs, such as passenger requirements and aircraft preferences;
  • Analyzes all available options, both in-house and through selected partners, to determine the right aircraft, the best crew, and the most reliable ground support providers to make your trip a success;
  • Presents you with a complete solution you can be sure best addresses each of your trip needs;
  • Coordinates charter agreement provisions and payment.
As your trip nears, your Charter Specialist:
  • Coordinates technical requests such as international documentation, security, or liability insurance riders;
  • Secures car services and rentals as requested at each airport, as well as hotel accommodations and other logistics as desired;
  • Coordinates with OpsControl to position your chosen aircraft and its crew to your desired departure airport;
  • Provides catering as requested;
  • Remains available 24 hours a day for questions and requests, and keeps you abreast trip status throughout.
During your trip:
  • Your Aircraft Captain coordinates with OpsControl and your Charter Specialist to complete the trip as planned, or respond quickly and effectively to unforeseen events like weather or traffic delays.
  • Your Charter Specialist can be contacted directly with new requests or desired changes, or your Aircraft Captain can relay them to ensure a seamless experience.
After your trip: Your Client Representative contacts you to ensure your satisfaction, hear feedback, and if desired, help you plan for your next trip by periodically advising you of changes to the fleet, product or regulations, and opportunities to reduce cost or improve capability or flexibility.
Charter aircraft come in every size, from small single-engine “personal aircraft” to outright airliners. Cost is typically a function of size, speed, and range, and is charged at a multiple of its per-hour value. While this hourly charge can vary from about $500 for a Cirrus SR22 to $11,000 for a Boeing Business Jet, the majority of charter jets are found in the $2,000 to $6,000 range. As each trip is unique, there are many factors to final cost, such as aircraft and crew repositioning, and special operational needs particular to the airports, conditions, and support services you choose. These circumstances are considered in your quote, so that you pay for only the specific services you use, which is guaranteed.
In addition to thorough flight operations, safety, and customer service training conducted by company Check Airman twice yearly, all Alante crewmembers undergo extensive annual simulator-based training for both initial and recurrent events that focus on normal, abnormal, and emergency situations. This training is conducted at Flight Safety International, an internationally-recognized leader in such training, utilizing Alante and FAA approved curriculums.
Alante operations are built around industry-standardized risk assessment and management practices known as a Safety Management System (SMS). This ‘top-down’ approach ensures every member of the Alante team, regardless of position or function, systematically applies proactive risk controls in every day-to-day decision throughout the company. SMS is the cornerstone of the IS-BAO Safety Program Audit Process currently being undertaken by Alante. Further, crewmembers undergo extensive training every six months in all aspects of safe operations. You can learn more about this training below, and about Alante Air’s results-oriented approach to safety by visiting our Safety page.
A significant benefit of private aviation is the ability to bring along items you would never trust to the airlines, such as pets, sensitive equipment, prized firearms, or a few cases of rare Bordeaux. Some aircraft have limitations on open red wine and other potentially-damaging items in the cabin, and some items considered “hazardous” are not possible to have aboard by regulation. These can be reviewed in our HAZMAT GUIDE, or with your Client Representative when planning your trip.
Our primary base is the Scottsdale Municipal Airport, in the northeast of the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. It is among the most popular private airports in the country, and offers both ideal year-round conditions for storing and flying aircraft, and easy access to the valley’s business centers and attractions. As a base tenant, we also receive highly discounted rates on hangarage and fuel, and pay no landing or parking fees, passing the cost on to you. We also base aircraft at various airports throughout the country, either due to its owner’s use, or as a convenience to local charter clientele. When quoting your trip, your Charter Specialist will present any such aircraft that could improve selection or cost efficiency. Our operation runs continually, so never hesitate to call your Specialist, or our direct line at 605-593-8960, with any request.
If you have flown with us before, calling your Alante representative directly will expedite your request. If this will be your first time with us, feel free to call our direct line at 605-593-8960 or send us a QUOTE REQUEST, and a representative will contact you shortly. In many cases, reservations can be made just hours prior to your desired departure, though booking in advance greatly improves aircraft options. Typically, the following information will be necessary to complete a quote:
  • Date and estimated time of departure for each leg of your trip
  • Desired departure and arrival airport, or if you’re unsure, your beginning and ending address so we can research the nearest suitable airports for you
  • Number of passengers, and in some cases, an estimate of total passenger and bag weight, as certain situations may limit some aircraft
Once you’re ready to reserve, your charter representative will need some additional information:
  • Full name, birth date, and weight of each passenger
  • Expected baggage, particularly skis, golf clubs, firearms, and other unusually-sized items
  • If flying internationally, Customs information specific to the origin and destination country will be required, and requested directly by your client representative
If you need to change any aspect of your reservation, let your Charter Specialist know as soon as possible, so proper amendments can be made to manifests, flight plans, and airport slots to reduce or eliminate delays later on. If you wish to re-schedule the trip, we will work to accommodate the change in the same aircraft as best as possible, but cannot guarantee its future availability. If canceling a reservation, it is helpful to do so as early as possible to avoid charges. Specific information about these situations is found in your charter agreement, as it varies by aircraft.
As both a charter provider and charter broker, we can coordinate travel anywhere in the world, and in any size and type of aircraft, through our network of approved providers. Aircraft types currently managed and operated directly by Alante Air Charter LLC include the comfortable Hawker-4000 Super-Midsize jet, a number of highly flexible Light Jets such as the 7-passenger Citation CJ3 and CJ3+, and Citation CJ1+/M2, and the ultra-efficient Very-Light jets such as the 4-passenger Citation Mustang. These are all operated from our Scottsdale, Arizona base, or other select locations as needed to meet demand. Other aircraft types and locations are continually added, so be sure to check with your Client Representative for the latest offerings.
All aircraft managed by Alante are maintained in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended service program. Alante’s own FAA-certified maintenance division may conduct this in coordination with approved service providers or manufacturer service centers, depending on the aircraft. When aircraft are coordinated through an approved partner, uncompromised maintenance is a component of our auditing process, ensuring quality consistent with the Alante experience.
Alante can coordinate worldwide travel through our network of approved providers, or take you throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico with our own fleet. We expect full in-house international capabilities in the near future.

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We’re happy to speak with you about our charter services, aircraft specifications, operating regions, and cargo requirements. Simply call us at 605.593.8960 Ext. 1 for more information.