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Navigating an aircraft acquisition, spin-up, or disposition project, or better understanding the detail of your jet’s current operations, can not only tax existing resources, but distract from their core priorities. Engaging professionals experienced in needs and systems analysis to provide objective guidance in these matters ensures accurate and unbiased results, and supports your long-run goal of creating time and cost efficiencies.

Identifying true needs, and detaching them from desires, is a prudent step in the acquisition of an aircraft. We dig deep into travel patterns to find the optimal performance characteristics necessary to achieve a majority of your trips, then incorporate statistics on maintainability, reliability, and resale. This surfaces the few aircraft models best suited to the need, which are then ranked against your desired traits and other priorities. What results are primary and secondary model recommendations that properly balance the many influencers of a rational aircraft purchase, and therefore, a satisfying ownership experience.

Once you’ve chosen your model, we search the new and pre-owned market for specific aircraft that most closely meet the outlined specifications, and present for your purchase decision. Once selected, we will coordinate the offer, negotiation, inspection, and delivery process, ensuring you receive the aircraft you expected, as well as a competitive deal. With over a dozen turboprops and jets acquired from their former owners and factories since 2009, Alante Air is prepared to work aggressively on your behalf.

Beyond the acquisition of an aircraft, establishing proper systems to ensure operational efficiency and regulatory compliance – whether Part 91 or Part 135 – is crucial to your ownership. With extensive experience managing a broad range of aircraft, from owner-flown turboprops to multi-crew jets, Alante Air understands unique needs, and can apply the right systems to ensure you are flying quickly, efficiently, and in compliance with your specific FAA, IRS, and corporate guidelines.

Like any cost center, an aircraft and its flight department should undergo periodic evaluation by an unbiased resource to uncover inefficiencies, operational oversights, and lapses to established safety systems. The benefits of this are exponential, in that even modest changes to policies, processes, expectations, or reporting, can result in large savings in time or cost, improved capability and safety, or even confirm the department’s value to the organization.

We approach each operation with a mindset of “continuous improvement,” regardless of the organization’s robustness, and assign project managers with extensive real-world experience in their specific area of operation. The result is a clear, actionable, improvement plan that draws the organization closer to industry best-practices, without needless bureaucracy or procedures that burden operations.

No legitimate operations plan overlooks a thorough analysis of opportunities to reduce ownership and operating costs through partnership, dry lease, or charter revenue programs. Alante Air is practiced at gathering and evaluating current operating metrics to determine if such options are suitable, and their ultimate effect on costs, availability, and value.

With a decade of experience offering all three of these solutions to our clients, we are well versed in the benefits and detriments of each, and apply this knowledge impartially.

When it comes time to sell, Alante Air is at the ready to evaluate your aircraft and its marketability, provide seasoned advice on positioning it to achieve your goals, establish a penetrating marketing campaign that leads to a smoothly executed transaction. Then, we’re here to help you move on to your next set of wings.

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