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Charter Management

DA900 ExtF Flight

When your own travel schedule leaves your aircraft on the ground for days or weeks at a time, making it available to similar companies and individuals though a charter revenue program serves to offset its cost, increasing its value to you and your organization.

Alante takes a straightforward approach to charter management, eschewing complex and often inequitable revenue distribution arrangements in favor of a stable payout that includes a fairly computed maintenance reserve designed to minimize out of pocket expenses down the line. We learn your priorities and find the right niche for your aircraft, be it a dedicated charter card or lease environment, a floating fleet arrangement, or the ad-hoc marketplace, so that it is best positioned to meet the cost and utilization expectations we together defined.

This sensible approach reflects our ambition to handle each management relationship candidly and transparently, and provide benefits you could never realize on your own:

While benefiting from negotiated rates on various ownership expenses as part of our Aircraft Management program, a decision to offer your aircraft for charter presents the opportunity to realize cost offsets that can significantly impact its value proposition. The detail of this impact is determined in a thorough analysis of your aircraft, its current and expected operations, your tax situation, and your priorities, at the outset of our relationship.

Regardless of your aircraft’s current location, the Alante experience remains the same: Our team completes an on-site operations and maintenance analysis, defining the spin-up plan and uncovering problems and inefficiencies. Its records are audited and included in our electronic tracking system, aggregating all aspects of operations and providing for performance analysis. We also work seamlessly with your own accounting, tax, and legal team to ensure our flight operations system, and your ownership structure, are properly integrated for maximum efficiencies.

From an owner’s perspective, Alante becomes a private flight department that coordinates every aspect of the aircraft’s maintenance, upkeep, and operation on all personal and charter trips. Owners have direct access to a dedicated Aircraft Manager, and receive customized monthly aircraft status and expense reports to stay abreast. Broadly, we take on the many responsibilities that make ownership a hassle, so the aircraft can simply be enjoyed.

Complete trip coordination services can be expected every time you fly. Your 24-hour communication to our dispatch center sets our team in motion organizing any travel request. It’s as simple as that.

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Ready for Specifics?

A 30-minute call to one of our Aircraft Managers to discuss your aircraft and its operations will uncover how our Charter Revenue program may add value to your ownership. Call 605.593.8960 Ext. 102, or send us a note.