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Jet Ownership Support

Delegating management of your aircraft to the Alante team ensures it is maintained and operated according to industry best practices proven to increase safety, reliability, flexibility, and cost efficiency.

Our intelligent approach to management emphases transparency and flexibility to not simply deliver revenue, but provide real value to ownership. Our team ensures details such as budgeting, maintenance tracking and scheduling, crew training, storage, regulatory compliance, and flight readiness are sensibly established, actively supervised, and continually evaluated for effectiveness. The end result is a satisfying ownership experience, with true peace of mind that your asset is being cared for as if it were our own.

Whether you currently own a business aircraft or are planning a purchase, allowing the Alante team to offer a no-obligation analysis of your ownership needs and travel requirements puts you in the best possible position to achieve your goals.

Flight crew play a substantial role in the direct oversight of your aircraft, so Alante places significant emphasis on identifying, vetting, training, and managing a number of crew sufficient to accommodate the intended use of your aircraft. As an operator subscribing to IS-BAO risk management standards, the details of this include identifying candidates with real operating experience, training them extensively both internally and through our partnership with FlightSafety International, and effectively scheduling their time so full attention can be placed on precision flying.

In addition to dedicated Charter Specialists, Alante’s reservations and dispatch center is available at any time to aid in trip planning, coordination of support services, and to oversee contingency plans when challenges arise. Contacting your Charter Specialist directly, or 24 hour Alante Dispatch at 605-593-8960, assures you any request will be handled quickly and efficiently.

Proper maintenance and upkeep of your aircraft improves safety and dependability, while encouraging stronger residual value. In support of this, Alante sets out a four-element maintenance plan:

  1. Thoroughly analyze aircraft records and condition to highlight any variances from manufacturer recommendations and industry best practices.
  2. Develop a maintenance plan that reliably projects scheduled work, efficiently addresses unscheduled events, and accurately budgets for proper reserves – an uncommon effort in the broader market.
  3. Actively monitor operations to identify conditions potentially leading to premature failures.
  4. Oversee and audit maintenance events to ensure accurate work, recordkeeping, and invoicing, regardless of provider.

In keeping with our transparent and flexible management approach, every detail of this process is communicated to you, along with recommendations for both internal, and trusted external, maintenance programs and facilities qualified to implement the plan. Further, we obtain specific authorization for any expenses over a pre-determined amount, keeping you fully abreast maintenance expenses.

Such efforts are hallmarks of the Alante management style.

When partnering with Alante, flexible options for storing your aircraft include hangarage at an existing base with highly competitive lease rates, establishing a new base in a promising market, or storage at your home airport. Wherever you choose, you will benefit from Alante’s experience identifying and negotiating suitable storage and services at a fair price. Given that these negotiations commonly include a tenant fuel contract with significant cost implications, this experience is crucial to the overall value proposition of your aircraft.

While a well-negotiated rate for base airport fuel has great impact on total fuel costs, these can often account for less than 30% of total fuelings, leaving operations exposed to drastic cost variability. With a number of domestic and international fuel programs on hand, Alante will assemble a custom option providing the most effective cost reductions in your own operations.

In many cases, Alante assumes regulatory, or “Operational,” control of your aircraft in order to facilitate use in certain revenue programs. Therefore, we fully take on the many responsibilities surrounding its maintenance and day-to-day operation, in compliance with our DOT-issued Air Carrier Certificate, the Federal Aviation Regulations, and the local regulations appropriate to each jurisdiction in which it travels.

In other cases involving strictly “Part 91” operations, you may choose to retain this control for a variety of reasons, and utilize Alante solely as its manager and compliance consultant. Finding the right path for you is part of the operational analysis conducted at the outset of our relationship.

Impacting every facet of current operations, and with significant future impact on items such as residual value and warranty service, the proper maintenance of aircraft records is a top Alante priority. Our maintenance team is experienced in ensuring all regulatory, manufacturer, and company requirements are met in aircraft as varied as private Cessnas and Boeing airliners, and utilize compliance systems proven to mitigate irregularities that can encumber future operations or sale.

A complication of aircraft operations accounting is the common necessity to separate the entity from other assets, primarily for tax and liability reasons. Compound this with a partnership, multiple-use entity, lease, or charter revenue program, and one account turns to half a dozen. The Alante team has over 20 years experience accurately handling complex private aviation accounts, and itself is responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in revenue recovered from overcharges and miss-billings.

Beyond establishing and maintaining the necessary accounting structure, we pursue strong vendor relationships to ensure all costs are accurate and inline with industry norms, and flow them directly to you with no mark-up.

Alante subscribes to the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) safety standard, which takes ISO-9000 Quality Management concepts further by applying a Safety Management System (SMS) process of risk analysis and mitigation in order to achieve safer operations throughout the organization. Visit our SAFETY [link internally] page to learn more about this industry-accepted program.

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